Aukey Wireless Headphones: A Sketcher’s Friend

I walk a lot and most of my sketching takes place during those walks.  I  listen to podcasts while walking, lots of podcasts.  I follow pencil podcasts, pen podcasts, news podcasts, science podcasts, and even a fishing podcast.

I suspect I’m not alone in “needing” headphones, earbuds, or whatever you want to call them as a part of my sketching gear, though nobody really talks about them, and I’ve become a devotee of wireless headphones for sketching.  Not having a cord connecting my phone and ears is really nice.  I don’t think I could go back using wired earbuds.

Here’s one of the sets of Aukey headphones that I own. Once you go wireless, you never go back.

I’m writing about mine because the Aukey company, who make a range of headphones and other audio electronics has just gone above and beyond and I want to acknowledge them.

I mentioned that I lost a set of headphones during my run in (almost literally) with the Chateau Frontenac (Sketching Is Dangerous – Expensive Too!) and so I ordered my fourth set of these headphones to replace them.

One set, though, will not take a charge, so I decided to write to the company to see if they could give me insight into what I might do to fix them.  I got an almost immediate reply and with it an offer to replace them.  I couldn’t believe it but I am most grateful that there are companies like this still in existence.

2 thoughts on “Aukey Wireless Headphones: A Sketcher’s Friend

  1. Good company! I’ll check them out when I need a replacement. I, too, use wireless headphones. I, too, listen to a lot of podcasts. I don’t wear them while sketching, though, as I’m willing to talk to passersby. But I take the light rail and/or bus to many sketch outings and I listen then… too bumpy to read or even sketch.

    • I don’t wear mine while sketching either, and for the same reason, Kate. The interaction with people on the street is always fun. I remember being scared to death of it but I’ve come to believe that it’s self-filtering. All the people who look at what I do and say “Yuck…he’s wasting his time…no talent idiot” just walk on by. It’s only the people who like what I’m doing that actually say anything 🙂

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