Blooming Quebec, Why Doesn’t Everyone Live Here?

Winters are hard in Quebec City.  It sits at the mouth of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and the wind blows and the snow falls sideways.  During winter we have only eight hours of daylight.  Many of my friends wonder why anyone would want to live here and, along with fellow Quebecers, so do I when February rolls around.

But when summer arrives, we get the answer.  Sometimes it’s unbearably hot with high temperatures (winter temps by the standards of this Arizona-raised boy) and humidity readings that match them.  But most of summer is idyllic.  It’s time to sit outdoors, stand outdoors, and for the adventurous, move around outdoors.

I’m a walker, myself and this is the time I enjoy my river, the Riviere St. Charles.  The province has created what they refer to as a linear park along some 32 kilometers of the river.  There are walking trails that wind their way along the river, sometimes through forests, sometimes along more urban trails, skirted with well-maintained gardens.  And there are the flowers….oh my goodness, what flowers.


3 thoughts on “Blooming Quebec, Why Doesn’t Everyone Live Here?

  1. Thanks for the lovely pictures! I visited Quebec City and Montreal in May one year. They were so lovely! And wonderfully chilly.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Brenda.

    Yes, May can be chilly here, though once you’ve lived here a while we start calling it “warm.” This year our May flowers came in July as May was mostly rain.

    Cheers — Larry

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