Channeling Pete Scully While Doodling

I watch TV.  I grudgingly admit it, but I have a hard time just watching TV.  Typically I’m banging away on my laptop, checking Instagram on my cell phone, or sketching in a cheap sketchbook I keep in the living room.

This behavior becomes extreme during the holiday season because my wife and daughter get into Christmas movie mode and my eyes cross trying to watch them for the umpty-tendy-teenth time.  Most were bad enough the first time around.

So, while Grinch was ruining Christmas, I started doodling, using some Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils.  I’m not a pencil guy but I like to try to improve my pencil shading skills every once in a while as I’m 1) really bad at it and 2) I find it very meditative.

ScullyMugI was just shading irregular shapes when I noticed my Pete Scully cup.  Pete had a Society6 cup made with some of his fire hydrant sketches printed on it and, of course, I had to have one.  It holds some drawing tools for desperate times, like when activities unfold in Whoville.

Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils

Prismacolor Col-Erase pencils

I didn’t match Pete’s hydrants line for line but the resemblance is there.  It was fun.  As for the Grinch movie; the book was better.


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    • Thanks, Kate. It’s the first time I’ve used Col-Erase pencils. It’s hard to get any darks from them but otherwise they’re lots of fun. I hope you and Joe have a great 2016. — Larry

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