Disaster Strikes LarryDMarshall.com


Hi everyone,

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  From my view it seems like forever.  My laptop, my connection to the universe, started acting up as we heralded in the new year.  By January 3rd I was scrambling to find a laptop to buy that 1) wouldn’t break the bank, 2) had the features I required, and 3) that could be found, in stock, in a local store.  This last thing was the hard part, it always is in Quebec City.

I’ve done a restoration and password-remembering marathon, spending far too much time watching that silly Windows thing spin around, and around, and around as something, supposedly – maybe hopefully – was happening.  I’m now looking out at you through a new computer window and most of my software is working.  I’ll get back to regular posts in the next day or so.  Happy 2015 – I hope the rest of it goes better for me too.

Cheers — Larry

3 thoughts on “Disaster Strikes LarryDMarshall.com

  1. I went through this nightmare about a year ago when my hard drive died. Not fun at all. Glad to hear you’re up and running again!


  2. Shudder … 🙁
    everyone’s nightmare I’m glad you are up and running again without losing too much hair.
    I just bought a 4TB external drive to backup all my ‘stuff’ (smarty pants that I am) but I still worry about losing everything.
    Maybe I need to print more ..

    Happy New (Computer) Year !


    • I have a 3TB cloud drive and it’s wonderful as incremental backups from all our laptops occur daily without me having to even think about it. It certainly saved my bacon when the machine died.

      Cheers — Larry

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