Doodling My Way Into Winter

My sketching over the past month has been mostly doodles done out of desperation and then only when my hands are working.  I’ve put my free time to good use, however, revisiting art books I’ve wanted to re-read.  Don’t you find that second reads of art books reveal information you didn’t get the first time through?  I sure do, particularly if I wait several months worth of sketching experience before the re-read.

Anyways, it never seems that doodles are worthy of blog posts so my posts have become fewer and farther between.  I did get out a couple times this week, though, so I’m reporting that I finally got to sketch in a more formal way, though ‘formal’ is exaggerated here.

My first stop was the 3d mask exhibit I talked about at the beginning of the month.  I went there with our sketching group and while my hands were less than happy about it, I drew one of the masks.  I confess to a certain frustration drawing these masks and I think I’ve figured out why.  I’ve been trying to turn them into a real face, when in fact they are somewhat alien because the tops of the head are removed, the eyes closed, and in general they’re just too smooth everywhere.  So, I figured I’d go with the flow on this one, producing the alien creature that it is, exaggerating it a bit with watercolor.  The mask is lit from below and excepting that it’s white rather than blue, this is pretty much what it looks like.  Kinda spooky don’t you think?

Once  a year we all get together and draw holiday cards in one form or another.  This year was no exception though I confess that I wasn’t much in a holiday mood that day.  It was a lot of fun, though, because there were a bunch of us creating art so I could see what everyone else was doing while I puttered away myself.  For this I always use Strathmore’s Watercolor Cards, which are convenient.  I never did get around to writing the obligatory Merry Christmas or Happy New Year on them.

2 thoughts on “Doodling My Way Into Winter

  1. Hi Larry – i have come to your site via the Sketching Forum- so much great info. Im smiling because im in the southern hemisphere in a ‘land down under’ and we are in summer. And i bunker down as our summers are too extreme for me ( yesterday was 40 + ) but i tried to head outside but got attacked by …FLIES !

    i too am a bit hobbled / grounded these days and yes, what to do?. Thanks for the paint exercise . i m going through some of my many journals as i was looking for something and couldnt find it. does everyone have nice complete books of excellent sketches? im now taking small pics and creating an index of sorts.
    best regards

    • I don’t know the Sketching Forum but I’m glad you found your way here and took the time to write. I wish I were in the southern hemisphere right now (grin). Do you get to sketch with Jane Blundell or Liz Steel?

      Sorry to hear about your hobbled-ness. It’s tough when you’re used to going where you want and when you want. As for people having complete sketching books, those sufficiently passionate about sketching do 🙂 You might consider scanning your sketches as an index. I scan almost everything and title each JPG using “2018-11-06_subject” which gives me a chronological order of everything. I support this by keeping a numbered list of my sketchbooks, listing the begin and end dates for each one.

      Happy Holidays — Larry

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