Drawing Brushes

Sketchers are fond of drawing their paint brushes.  They do them large; they do them small.  They do them in full color and they do them with simple lines.  I was sitting on our deck sipping coffee and my eye caught this brush, the common one in use around our place right now.  Here is my brush drawing for the year.

This was drawn quickly, between coffee gulps, in a Hahnemuehle Cappuccino notebook.  I bought it a long time ago but when it arrived I didn’t see much use for it since the paper is only 120gsm so you can’t put a lot of water to it.  But it’s really smooth paper and a dream to draw on with fountain pen, particularly since I’m used to drawing on rougher watercolor paper.  It will handle a bit of water as long as you don’t ask much of it and the beautiful hardbound cover and thin format are nice too.  I’ll carry it around for a while and see what happens.  Here’s an example of how it handles light watercolor washes.


4 thoughts on “Drawing Brushes

  1. Thank you Larry for this review and for sharing your drawings.

    I guess you know that Hahnemuhle has now two new sketchbooks : gray toned and beige toned. They are heavier (200 msg) and can accept watercolor… The problem is : I have been looking for them for months… nobody seems to have them in stock 🙁


    Might as well, I do have quite a few new sketchbooks to work with… lol


      • Thank you Cheryl !

        I went back to Amazon Canada which I had visited before (I cannot buy from Amazon US) – found only the 5 x 5 toned beige. At the price of 79,14$ – but they say it’s ‘new’… lolll…

    • I didn’t know until you told me 🙂 I’ve been a Stillman & Birn advocate since they released their Alpha series long ago. Their sketchbooks are pretty much all I ever use. In looking at the web page you provide, it seems that the heavier version of their toned paper isn’t nearly as smooth as the Cappuccino notebooks. I think I’ll stick with S&B Nova for those purposes.

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