Drawing For My Daughter

My daughter was home for Christmas and she asked if she could have one of my sketches to hang in her apartment.  Since I do my drawing in sketchbooks, granting her request was difficult, so I decided to do a drawing for her on Fabriano Artistico cold-press paper.  It’s really a pleasure to have unlimited time and to work at a table and without needing to juggle the tools as I sit on a tripod stool.  I drew one of my favorite scenes in Quebec City and here is the result.

This project is something of a landmark for me as well.  It’s the first time I’ve ever matted one of my drawings.  Heck, it’s the first time I’ve ever cut a mat.  It was fun.  It improved the look of the drawing. I might do it again.  She was happy with it.  I hope you do too.


10 thoughts on “Drawing For My Daughter

  1. Beautiful drawing! Love the colors and the use of perspective. And the fact that your daughter wanted one of your sketches for her apartment is lovely.

    • Thanks Pat. I don’t really “use” perspective. It’s just there as the simple result that things further away appear smaller, so I draw that. Anything drawn without reflecting perspective looks like it’s a cardboard cutout. But thanks for thinking I’m doing something special 🙂

  2. I bet your daughter is delighted! …. and welcome to the world of matting, etc. I didn’t realize you hadn’t done any of it. Kudos to your daughter for nudging you.

    • It’s sort of silly that I haven’t, Elva, but I guess I haven’t seen my learn-to-draw journey like other artists. To me it’s all about the doing so once a drawing is done, so am I. I can barely interest myself in adding color, which is something I’m trying to improve on. But matting makes such a big difference that maybe I’ll do it more often, but it doesn’t work well with my sketchbook ways.

  3. “Really a pleasure” not to have to juggle on your stool? With freezing fingers? Surely you jest. 😉 Lovely painting. Did you work from a photo or a sketch you had made previously?


    • …you’re right, I love my stool and those freezing fingers? Gotta have them.

      I have an extensive photo library of Quebec City because I’m constantly taking photos and saying “I should draw that.” I never do. I do this for fun and drawing from photos isn’t. In this case, I hunted down a couple sketches I’d done in this area. Each was of components of this drawing (the big bay window, the big fancy chimney). Then I looked at a couple photos I had of the view, and chose one. I worked from that photo on my laptop.

  4. Your drawing is wonderful Larry… Love the colors on the buildings and the sky sets off everything very nicely. Bravo!

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