I Visited The Montreal Botanical Gardens

A couple weeks ago our daughter came to spend the weekend and rather than have her take the bus back to Montreal I drove her there, giving me an excuse to visit the Avenue des Arts, a wonderful art store.  I spent way too much money there but gosh, what’s a guy to do when a store has DeAtramentis Document inks, Stillman & Birn sketchbooks, and a bunch of other great stuff that isn’t available in Quebec City?

The next morning I headed off to the Montreal Botanical Gardens where I spent half a day sketching stuff, including this place that’s part of the Chinese pavilion there.  l had a great time but was quite tired when I headed back to Quebec City.

4 thoughts on “I Visited The Montreal Botanical Gardens

  1. Oh excellent, I have just moved to Montreal for a couple months and was wondering where to restock on stillman & birn’s…Enjoy your blog – keep up (and I will visit the botanical gardens while I’m here too!)

    • Avenue des Arts, in Westmount has a good selection of Stillman & Birn. I bought a couple while I was there 🙂 lots of good stuff to sketch at the Botanical Gardens.

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