It Ain’t Happening This Year

Once upon a time I really enjoyed the #100PeopleInAWeek challenge so it just seemed natural to say that I was up for the challenge this year.  To be completely honest, I don’t know what I was thinking as I’m struggling to draw anything right now and am grateful for the occasional day when arthritis takes a break and I can hold a pen.

When April 8th rolled around, we citizens of Quebec were blessed with a raging blizzard.  Such storms raise havoc with my arthritis, but I gave people drawing an effort.  I got a few drawn but I just couldn’t concentrate because my hand hurt so much.  Seems after 10-15 minutes the pain increases.  So I had to stop.

Later that evening I decided to try again, this time drawing people as I watched TV.  Same situation this time; my hand gave me about 15 minutes before it became unbearable 🙁

So…after day one I was 11 people behind schedule.  The next morning we were facing blizzard conditions again and the barometric pressures were bouncing up and down.  I was supposed to sketch with friends and so I went to the rendevous, though I was having difficulty walking and my left hand (the important one) was throbbing.  We were drawing windows in the mall and I got halfway through a shaky drawing before I gave up in frustration.  And today…I can hardly hold my pen.  So… on day three I’m 41 people behind.  I’m a slow learner but even I have figured out that attempting this challenge, this year, is a fool’s errand.  Next year.


4 thoughts on “It Ain’t Happening This Year

  1. Hoping the arthritis lets up soon, Larry! So frustrating when the body rebels. Sending you well wishes!

    • Me too – it’s very frustrating. Since I’ve been dealing with the rhumatologist the bad days are better than in the past but still debilitating, and more important, getting in the way of my sketching. I feel as though I’ve lost a year of sketching because of it. Thanks for your well wishes. I’m praying winter storm season is over.

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