Mysterious Sketch Of 2022

After a long stretch of disinterest, I’m getting back into sketching. The time away caused my sketch bags to flounder, pens got moved or removed, and so I’m going through everything to get things back in order.

I was flipping through my daily bag sketchbook and found this ???sketch??? Waxing eloquently I said “Huh?” I stared at it a while, noted the date, which was last July and tried to scrape my old man brain for recollection. I also scrolled through photos from that same time period and solved the puzzle. It was this guy.

I remembered coming across him and thinking that I’d never drawn one of these fat-tire electric bikes and that it might be an opportunity to do so. Memory is a bit fuzzy but I obviously grabbed a pencil, marking out some dimension points so I had a drawing reference. I’ve darkened the lines of that hen-scratching so you can see them but they were much lighter in the sketchbook. I thought it might interest someone to see them as a precursor to doing a drawing. Those few lines provide the location of the guy and the bike and took no more than a few seconds to draw.

Unfortunately, just as I started, the guy finished his phone call and rode away. Lucky for me I did what I often do, I’d snapped a photo before beginning. And so, eight months later, using those marks and my phone photo, I drew this sketch. I didn’t feel it worth adding all the background so I just drew some thin lines to represent trees and such. I wonder what that guy is doing right now.