New Sketching Hat

During much of the year I wear a leather hat that has big furry flaps.  It’s a reflection of Quebec temperatures.  But when late spring and summer roll around, I need some shade, particularly while I’m sketching.

For that I’ve used an old Tilley hat.  It’s one of the original designs and I bought it in the mid-90s.  It’s still fine but I like the looks of the newer style Tilley hats and so I plunked down my argent, as we call it here, and brought one home.  I love it as its lighter than my original and fits better on my semi-square head.

It seemed only fitting that I sketch my sketching hat so enlisted Winnie the Pooh to model it while I that.  He liked it too but had one criticism.  He thinks it needs a couple holes for ears because he wasn’t able to pull it down onto his head properly.


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