New Stillman & Birn Blog and Sketchbook Giveaway

Recently I did a quick review the new Stillman & Birn Zeta sketchbooks and I’ve repeatedly extolled the virtues of their entire product line, to which I am very much addicted.

So, I’m more than a little bit excited that they’ve decided to open their own blog, On Paper.   They’ve had a Facebook page for a long time but Facebook has major problems with graphics and they seem unwilling to do anything to fix it so it’s nice to see S&B moving to blog technology to present great sketches done on great paper and to talk about their products.

S&BZetaThat’s not all the Stillman & Birn news, however.  They’re giving away ten of their new Zeta sketchbooks.  All you’ve got to do is send them your name to enter.  You can see details here, as well as the email address.

1 thought on “New Stillman & Birn Blog and Sketchbook Giveaway

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