Painting A Lemon In Gouache

More baby steps down the gouache road today.  I’m trying to figure out how to mix proper (and to understand what proper means) viscosities/tones/hues to achieve results.  I’m learning that gouache is NOT opaque watercolor.  It’s a different thing entirely.  Lightening colors with water is a non-starter because too much water results in lifting of existing paint.

Rather, you must lighten colors using white or yellow.  I calculate that I only need to do a thousand more paintings to come to some understanding of this.  Anyways, my goal with this simple painting was to explore how I could achieve the lumpy appearance of a lemon.  While far from perfect, I was pleased with the result, though it took me approximately forever to achieve it (grin).

5 thoughts on “Painting A Lemon In Gouache

  1. Hmm… must be nice to be able to put in those small highlights at the end instead of trying to save them out for the whole time you’re painting! 😉

    • For me the biggest deal of all is being able to work dark to light. Being able to correct a shape by painting over it is also a big plus. The highlight thing is easily gotten by adding a bit of gouache to a watercolor. These rest… not so much.

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