Refillable Fine-Line Sharpie Pen

Stillman & Birn Alpha (9x6), Sharpie (fine) Pen


In a recent blog post, I mentioned that I used a disposable Sharpie pen to do the sketch.  This is a very cheap, but effective drawing tool.  I paid $2.50 for a pack of two of them from the local drug store.  The ink is waterproof and line width is roughly equivalent to a Micron 03, maybe a wee bit finer.


DisposableSharpiePenI like the pen but I hate the very notion of disposable pens.  We’re burying out planet in plastic and much of it can be traced to disposable products that replace perfectly good refillable products.  We were talking pens on Facebook and one of the Singapore Urban Sketchers mentioned that there is a refillable version of the Sharpie pen and that it is available from Jet Pens.  A few minutes later I had one winging its way to me.

SharpieRefillableIt does increase the initial cost as this beautiful metal-body pen is $5.00.  But refills are cheap and you’ll be throwing away a lot less plastic and feel good about yourself.  That aside, this is a beautiful way to point a fine, felt pen at paper.



4 thoughts on “Refillable Fine-Line Sharpie Pen

  1. You always find the good stuff, Larry! I have one similar to this, but it’s for the larger tipped pen. Seldom use it other than for marking boxes and such. Thanks for sharing!

    • I like the toys, Laure, particularly the pointy ones 🙂 Some know all about the paints, which brand, which pigment, which brush. Me, I’m addicted to buying pointy devices that make marks 🙂

      Personally, I don’t find Sharpie markers to be very useful. I don’t like their solvent smell, find those solvents cause too much bleed through, and generally they’re just not fine enough for my tastes. Only the Sharpie pen (as opposed to their marker pens are appealing to me and only then if they are refillable.

      Cheers — Larry

  2. Looking forward to trying this Larry. I use Sharpie for different things all the time and love the idea of refillable. I have bought from Jetpens, they are a good company to buy from online. However the shipping to Canada can be prohibitive on small orders. Thought I’d check this out on and just got free shipping for my order of the pen, the larger nib size pen and refills for both. Came in at 22 cents over the min necessary for free shipping. Woo hoo. I’ll repeat this note on the FB group for any fellow Canucks there.

    • Hope you like it. I was doodling with mine last night and while it’s not a fountain pen, I still enjoyed using it 🙂 I find Jet Pens to be one of the few places in the US where I can order without being totally overwhelmed with 1) the difficulty in ordering and 2) where shipping costs are pretty low. In contrast, I find many products from to carry much higher prices than any number of alternatives, including, which is most frustrating. I also get so much information and enjoyment from the Goulet Pen and Jet Pen websites that I feel I should support them. Glad you found what you were looking for, however.

      Cheers — Larry

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