Rosemary Brushes – What A Company!

I’m a pen guy.  When I pick up a brush I’m mostly lost and I certainly don’t have the experience to talk with authority about different brushes.  But I’ve been hearing a lot about Rosemary & Co brushes, particularly Liz Steel’s love affair with the short dagger brushes (series 772).  Because US art vendors are dealing with customers on my side of the apparent iron curtain that is the US/Canada border, I thought I’d give Rosemary a try, using the dagger brushes as an excuse.

shortdaggersYou’d expect that here I’d launch into a discussion of my new brushes but as I say, I’m not qualified to assess brushes.  I can say I like them and the sable blend seems to yield a good compromise between water retention and snap, but I’m still getting used to the shape.  Much better information about these brushes is available from Liz’s site, particularly here.

catalogcoverThe reason for this post is to talk about the company a bit.  They are amazing.   First, they charged me about $10 to ship the two brushes.  Blicks wanted $20 the last time I tried to buy a couple brushes from them.  What was truly amazing about Rosemary & Co, though, is that they got my brushes to me in three days.  I swear they must have off-season Quidditch players doing their delivery.  I takes longer than that for me to get stuff from Toronto and let’s not start a discussion of how long it takes to get something from New York to Quebec (grin).  Can you tell I like Rosemary & Co.


I do want to warn you of one thing.  They have a very sinister way of baiting you into buying more brushes.  When you order they send you this amazing, 60 page catalog that is filled with beautiful, mouth-watering photographs of brushes.  They know we’re suckers for art stuff so they make theirs irresistable and then, just to make you bite, they price them reasonably.  What’s a guy to do.  I know.  I think I’ll order some more.


5 thoughts on “Rosemary Brushes – What A Company!

  1. Just got my first Rosemary dagger brush from my teacher who is an avid Liz Steele fan… can’t wait to try it

  2. Yes, they ARE the best company to purchase brushes from if you live in Canada or the USA! I’m just 5 minuets from the US border and I’ve started ordering my brushes from Rosmary, even though I can pop over the border to get any art supplies I want. I got my first order back in July. I ordered the brushes for water soluable Oil painting, and I love them, especially the Ivory, which mimic hog hair bristle brushes. Hog hair brushes hate water, so when using them for ws oils they tend to splay and are useless pretty quickly. I’ve been looking over their beautiful catalogue, and will probably buy some more very soon. Their prices, quality and service are unsurpassed! Good job on the shout out for Rosemary brushes!

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