Sakura Somewhat Light Cool Gray Pens

I guess this isn’t a real review, but in some ways it is.  When I heard that Sakura was releasing its famous Micron pens in “Light Cool Gray” and “Cool Gray” versions I thought that was a neat idea.  Though I don’t use Microns very much I thought this might be a great way for sketchers to draw background lines in typical black sketches. No better way to get background mountains to recede than to draw them in a lighter color.

So, when I found sets of both versions in my local art craft store. I bought a set of the Light Cool Gray.  I could draw a bunch of lines, showing you that the colors were light cool gray and that they have the same permanent inks as their other pens but that stuff is a given with Sakura pens.  So, I’ll just get to the part that surprised me and (spoiler alert) made me very unhappy.

You see, in a set of 3, light cool gray pens, comes an 01, 05, and 10 pen.  That makes sense and provides a decent range of tip sizes.  What’s upsetting is that while the 01 and 10 pens are light cool gray the 05 pen is a much darker (I assume this is cool gray) ink.  This is more than my interpretation of the lines produced.  As you can see, the color markings on the end of the pen reflect this change of tone.  Note also that this fact is covered by the packaging so you only find this out after buying a set.  That’s just goofy to me.

I’ll have to wonder forever whether the “Cool Gray” set has a light cool gray version of the 05 pen as I’ll not be buying them.  I contacted Sakura, asking them about this but they have chosen not to reply to my query.  I’m glad I use fountain pens.

2 thoughts on “Sakura Somewhat Light Cool Gray Pens

  1. Hmmm, that’s very weird, and I concur that it would be annoying not to be able to see what you were getting until after the package was purchased and opened. I had a similar annoyance when I was using F-C Pitt pens in the grayscale range. The grades in the “cool” set are very different from the grades in the “warm” set — big jumps between grades. These jumps were not apparent in looking at the outer pen colors, though.

    • I’ve got to believe that Sakura has made a significant packaging error. It just doesn’t makes sense to have 3 pens in two different tones and then to package them in such a stupid way. They don’t even display them that way on their website. It does make them pretty much useless. The Pitt pen “feature” you mention is almost as perplexing, though in that case you can use each set as a SET 🙂

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