Sketching On My Way To The Museum

Quebec is at the threshold of spring.  It’s starting to act like early April, with fluctuating temps and rainy days.  This is a good sign even if it is May.  I was on my way to a sketching session at the Museé de la Civilisation and noticed a new park bench that had been set out on 3rd Avenue.  It was cool (mid-40s) but sunny and the bench was out of the wind.  Opportunity thought I, and I sat down.  Sometimes you choose your subject, sometimes you choose a place to put your butt.  I looked around for something to sketch and decided on this small corner store.

2014-05-06DepanneurI worked quickly but admit to being a bit chilled by the time I finished and I was happy to get back to walking.  I met Yvan at the museum and here’s what I drew there.  It was a fun day and it looks like outdoor sketching is gonna happen ‘real soon.’  Fountain pens are still more fun than pencils.