Spring Sketching, Post-Pandemic

It’s probably incorrect to talk about Quebec as being “post-pandemic” but I count all things in terms of sketching.  For the first time in what seems like forever, I got to go sketching last Thursday.  We’re all still wearing masks and watching hospital populations rise as Omicron variant ABC3918583-F122 (or whatever) take another kick at us, but we’re starting to come out of hibernation anyway.

I was invited to attend a “first event” run by a local art group called La Collectif.  We were to sketch a small museum associated with the Augustine monastery in the old city.  Driving to this place is near impossible without spending a month’s rent on parking so I needed to get my bus pass renewed.  I did and headed off, in a pouring rain, to find the place.

The museum is very nice.  Mostly it’s religious artifacts of little interest to me but the ambience is great if you like quiet like I do.  They took us on a tour of the museum and then we were left to our own devices to find something to sketch.  I chose a very nice doll, dressed like a nun.  Fun to draw but I found it hard to paint black on black folds in the fabric.  BUT, I sketched, on location, as an urban sketcher.  Wah, hoo!!!

2 thoughts on “Spring Sketching, Post-Pandemic

  1. Great to hear that you are sketching with friends again! It ain’t over, but I am slowly rejoining civilization, too.

    • You guys in Seattle seem to be doing well in getting out in spite of little bursts of snow. Here we’re going to deal with lots of rain for the next couple weeks but it does look like there’s potential to get out in the weeks ahead. I sure hope so.

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