A Slow-Sketcher Approach To Bird Sketching

If molasses could sketch, it would do so at the same rate as I do.  This is a problem mostly when I try to sketch crowds of people, highway traffic, bee hives, and… BIRDS!

I love birds but gosh they won’t sit still.  Audubon had a solution.  It was called a shotgun, but I’m an urban sketcher and, even if I were so inclined, me thinks the authorities might frown on that method.  So what can a molasses sketcher do?  Ah HA, says I.  A solution I have found.  Here’s what you do:

1) Get a 12″ x 12″ piece of 3/4″ pine.  Home Depot is a good source.
2) Using a scroll saw, cut out the profile of the bird you want to draw.
3) Paint it in suitable colors.  I recommend Sibley’s Field Guide to Birds for color reference.
4) Drill a 1/2″ hole in the bottom edge of the cutout.
5) Shove a 1/2″ dowel into the hole.
6) Go to your garden and shove the 1/2″ dowel into the ground.
7) Get a nice cold drink, a lawn chair with a glass-holder, and sit down in front of your bird.
8) Draw your bird as slowly as you like.  Life is sweet.
Monologue A6 sketchbook (4x6), Pilot Falcon, Platinum Carbon Black

Monologue A6 sketchbook (4×6), Pilot Falcon, Platinum Carbon Black