Baseball Season Doodling

It’s baseball season and that means watching the Blue Jays, win or lose.  But I confess that I’m not good at watching TV without doing something else at the same time.  I’m writing this as I watch the Jays about to take on the San Francisco Giants in inter-league play..

Most of the time, however, while I’m watching the game, I’m doodling.  Sometimes it’s from imagination, sometimes I’ll doodle from an image on my cell phone, sometimes I’ll find something around the house to draw, and sometimes I’ll just practice drawing ellipses, do hatching or shade odd forms.  Anything to move a pointy device across paper.


2016-05-04doodle2I don’t normally scan those doodles as they never really amount to much but once in a while I like to share such doodles as a contrast to my more finished sketches.  Here are a few I did while the Jays were losing to the Dodgers.