Sketching As The Walls Fall Down

I’ve been failing my blogging duties, not having posted anything in nearly a week.  Sorry about that, but I have an excuse…sort of.  I haven’t been doing any sketching either…sort of.  But, as I said, I have an excuse…sort of.

2016-01-21womanYou see, one of my addictions is books.  I have more than a few of them.  And its from there that my excuse comes.  All of my books are in our “library”, which means a room that is crammed to the gills with bookshelves and my office desk.  And, well, a problem arose, or maybe to be more precise, it descended.

2016-01-11busMy meager, multi-ton book collection broke some joists that hold up the floor and, well, it descended, at least partially.  It wasn’t a cartoon affair where one minute I was sitting at my desk and the next I was sitting in the basement.  This was an “Geez…the floor is sinking and what’s that gap between the wall and the floor” situation.

So rather than blogging and sketching I’ve been moving everything from the room, stashing it everywhere around our house. Then I spent a couple days doing things I’m neither physically capable of doing 2016-01-21shoenor did I have the knowledge to do it.  But, with the help of my wife, we made a complete mess of the basement but we fixed the floor/ceiling above.  The house is now stronger than it’s ever been.  I am less so. Then came the need to move everything back into the room, some of the library ending up downstairs to spread the load, and now I’m back, with only a few bruises to show for it.

2016-01-08LittleWomanBut I haven’t been out sketching so what to blog about…hmmm.  I thought I’d share with you some of the little sketches I do when my brain needs a fix and I can’t get out.  These are typically done in minutes, from photos, TV or simply from imagination.  The largest one (the bus) is 3″ square.  I hope you like them.