Sketching in 1900s Toronto

While there is evidence that spring will arrive, it’s not here yet and so as I watched Murdoch Mysteries I thought, why not go to Toronto in the 1900s and do some sketching.  Isn’t that why they give me a pause button?  Sure it is.

If you’re unfamiliar with Murdoch Mysteries, it smacks of P.G. Woodhouse farce while depicting the Detective Murdoch, of the “Toronto Constabulary” as he uses his brilliant mind and impeccable manners to solve crimes.  Set in the early 1900s, the staging is a sketchers dream.

Here’s my initial attempt at capturing just a bit of the ‘action.’  Done in a Stillman & Birn Alpha (10×7) using a Pilot Prera and Lex Gray ink.  This was lots of fun.  Maybe I should head to CSI: Miami.  I bet it’s warmer there.