Xmas Card Sketching Is Fun

Every year I see a bunch of Christmas cards, drawn, scanned and posted by talented sketchers everywhere.  I’ve never been so inclined, possibly because I’m not a fan of typical Christmas iconology.  This year, however, people in our group wanted to do a card-making session so I made my first Christmas cards.  The most common method was to look at pictures in books and reflect those ideas on the card.  Because I’m trying to exercise my very, very limited imagination these days, I decided to just “make stuff up.”  I can’t say the results were stellar but I sure had fun doing them.  These were done on inexpensive watecolor paper cut and folded in half to the size of a typical card.

Lisette hosted the session which provided special treats.  She does really nice watercolors and each room held at least one gem and her studio held a bunch of wonderful watercolors.  And she made soup and homemade bread for lunch.  Both were fantastic  I admit that I stuffed myself.  Then she brought out homemade carmel corn, muffins and Guylaine brought gingerbread cookies.  Before lunch was over I was double-stuffed and I was only able to draw one more card during the afternoon session.  Here’s a photo of most of the cards made that day, by the seven people in attendance.