Trinity Church Entry Gate Sketch

Yvan and I had been quick-sketching people at Place d’Armes in Quebec City when the sun just became too much for us so we started walking around.  We decided to sketch the entry gate to the small parking lot in front of Trinity Church.  Mine is rather spartan as my arthritis was acting up and I was having some difficulty directing my pointy device.  Thought I’d share it anyway.

Stillman & Birn Alpha, Esterbrook J-2048

Stillman & Birn Alpha, Esterbrook J-2048

2 thoughts on “Trinity Church Entry Gate Sketch

  1. I’m just beginning the Urban Sketching adventure, and your posts are always such an encouragement to me. I love your commentary about the day and I always learn something from your sketches. It brightens my morning to see your name in my inbox!

    • You just brightened my morning too, Susan. Thanks for your kind comments. Back when Gabi invented urban sketching, or at least started promoting it as an art form, his view was as a sketching journalist. To him, urban sketching was about showing the world ‘one sketch at a time’ but also in reporting on the situation. Sadly, we seem to have moved to a time when social media doesn’t involve real discussion and communication but I do like to report my urban sketching in the tradition of Gabi Campanario rather than just posting sketch after sketch with no explanation. I’m glad you like that aspect of what I do. Besides, my sketches need all the help I can give them 🙂

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