Urban Sketchers Always Have Things To Draw

If your interests lie in drawing naked people, you need a model.  If you paint landscapes, you need to go to pretty places.  If you’re into aviation art, you need to hang out at airports or aviation museums.  But if you’re an urban sketcher, all you have to do is live your life with a sketchbook in your hand.  There’s always something to sketch.   I’m an urban sketcher.

2013-02-20BloodTests1I went for some blood tests yesterday and, of course, I had my sketching stuff with me.  From past experience I knew I’d have 10-15 minutes to wait before Dracula called me to be poked and so I checked in, sat down, and got out my sketchbook.  I thought about sketching a wheelchair that was sitting in the corner, or the receptionist’s area.  But I noticed a steady flow of people walking up to the receptionist, where you have to shove our paperwork through a slot; they confirm who you are, and then the receptionist provides instructions which mostly amount to ‘go sit down and we’ll call you.’

2013-02-20BloodTests3So I started quick-sketching these people.  It was a study in quickly grabbing the outlines of coats, purses and legs because you couldn’t see their heads, which were behind partitions that divided the 3 reception windows.  And it was fun.  My waiting time went by too quickly.

2013-02-20BloodTests2Here are three examples of those sketches.  Simple, good practice, and fun.  Done in a Strathmore ‘toned’ paper sketchbook with a Pilot Metropolitan and Waterman Absolute Brown ink.  A bit of it was quickly washed into a form of shading using a waterbrush.

4 thoughts on “Urban Sketchers Always Have Things To Draw

  1. I guess you’re right, though my approach to faces is to over-simplify them anyways. If you squint hard when looking at people from this far away, the contrasts are more between hair/clothing/skin than between nose and forehead 🙂

    Cheers — Larry

  2. I will be finding a small sketchbook that will easily fit into my purse.
    Lots more productive than playing games on my phone while waiting.

    • I’m a stickler about using really good paper, inks and pens but for this use I go cheap. There are a lot of times that you’ll start something only to be ‘next’ or the person you’re sketching will walk away, or…. You need cheap paper so you don’t feel reluctant to start a sketch. I buy mine at the dollar store. Simple, 3×5 hardcover sketchbook. They cost me $1.50.

      Cheers — Larry

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