Visiting The Visiting Geese At Cap Tourmente

Geese are travelers.  In summer they’re in the arctic, making babies and making happy sounds.  In winter, they’re in the south, hanging out and working on their tans.  But to get from one place to the other, they need a place to stop, get something to eat, rest up, and maybe check the weather.  My understanding that they don’t much like fast-food joints and prefer vegetarian fare, particularly that provided by the extensive salt marshes along the St. Lawrence River.

CapTourmenteOne such salt marsh is part of the Cap Tourmente nature reserve and that’s where Chantal and I headed last weekend.  We love wandering around the area, looking at the geese and just enjoying being out on a nice, sunny day.  This was a walking day, not a sketching day but at one point we found a bench and sat down to rest.  Having fun is hard work.

Near our bench was the remains of a stone building that is too far gone to know what it was when it had four walls and there weren’t trees growing out of it.  I got out a 6×9 piece of watercolor paper and started drawing, using my Namiki Falcon.  This was the result.