Wake Up, Larry!

This week has been very hectic.  I’ve been out sketching almost every day and I’ve been doing all the winterizing stuff done around our house. Seems I’ve forgotten to scan stuff and post it here.  Sorry about that.

Here’s a little sketch I did while watching a movie.  I’ll get some scanning done and posted ‘real soon.’


2 thoughts on “Wake Up, Larry!

  1. Miss ya’ ……Haven’t been posting much either. Having some hand issues. A bit of carpel tunnel. Of coarse it is my “sketching and painting” hand!

    Have a great holiday season

    • Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by. I can relate to the carpel tunnel problem. My arthritis is acting up right now and during a sketchcrawl yesterday I could hardly hold onto my pen – putting lines where I needed them was nearly impossible. Getting old is ugly but it still beats the alternative 🙂 — Larry

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