What Does A Sick Sketcher Do?

I’m sick.  My body feels like it’s been hit by a truck.  I have a sore throat and you can find me by listening for the hacking cough.  But what’s worse is the boredom.  How do people watch TV all the time?  Egad…no wonder we have societal problems.

But I’ve decreed myself unsick, though my body is fighting me on this issue.  This morning I was trying to straighten up the nest I’d created in the living room.  You know what I mean if you’ve been sick (who hasn’t?).  I folded up the blanket, put pillows where they belong, put the cough medicine bottle away, and reshelved most of the books and I put the pile of pens back in my art bag.

On the coffee table in front of me was a pile of scribbles I’d done and as I went to pick them up and throw them away, I thought maybe you’d like to see some of what this sick sketcher scribbled over the last couple days.  I’m not sure what it says about me, but this scribbling made me feel just a bit better – a bit less bored.


6 thoughts on “What Does A Sick Sketcher Do?

  1. Hope you feel better soon. When I’m sick, I make an effort to watch shows that are funny. Humor helps me feel better. Daytime TV is certainly a wasteland in the USA! But Netflix and other streaming services help when I’m so sick I don’t even have the attention span to read! I also listen to podcasts, particularly funny ones, like “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”.

    Despite being so sick, you certainly got some sketching done!

    • Kate, it seems I have a limit to how long I can stare at the glass teat, as Harlan Ellison called it. Doesn’t much matter what’s coming out of it. This flu is just hanging on but, I am mobile again 🙂 — Larry

  2. Hope you feel entirely recovered soon. I don´t do much sketching when I´m ill, but nesting in front of they television, watching old episodes of “Morse” is definitely on the agenda. Or perhaps re-read our stack of “Tintin” adventures, they never get old! Looking through sketching blogs is also very edifying… 🙂 I see a very impressive pear among your sketches, wouldn´t mind a close-up!

    • Wish I could oblige on the pear drawing. It was my attempt at drawing directly with a brush. But alas, all of those scribbles have long since made their way to the garbage. — Larry

  3. I haven’t checked your blog in a few weeks …
    A belated ‘get well soon’ wish from me


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