Why Am I Such A Loyal Goulet Pens Customer?

I tell everyone who will listen how great Goulet Pens is as a company.  They’re great people.  They have a fantastic website with more info about pens than any other site.  They stock a huge array of inks, pens and papers.  And they ship everything at reasonable prices, wrapped as though they were sending it into a war zone.  What more could you ask for in a company.

But there’s another reason and you can see it here:

This video hit my inbox as part of the Goulet Pens newsletter and five minutes later I was in my shop, my Prera disassembled, and the ink cleaned out of the cap. I love my Preras but the one problem was with ink in the cap of my demonstrator. Problem gone. Thanks Brian… again.

Cheers — Larry

2 thoughts on “Why Am I Such A Loyal Goulet Pens Customer?

  1. Thank you for sharing that!!! I don’t always think to check out the site’s videos. I probably should ;-)) They ARE a great company!!

  2. If you use fountain pens you should become familiar with Goulet Pens’ “Nib Nook”, “Swab Shop”, “Pen Plaza” and their “Fountain of Knowledge” that holds nearly a gazillion of Brian’s useful videos. Well…not exactly a gazillion, but almost.

    Cheers — Larry

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