A Little Piece Of Nature

My wife has been way too nice to me as I’ve hobbled through life for the past few weeks.  I feel guilty about the burden I’ve placed upon her, but I’m grateful that she’s been there for me.  She’s very special.

A couple days ago she came home with a wad of nature in her hand.  She put it on the table and said, “I thought you might like to draw this.”  She is a sly one.  She knows I’ve been fighting motivation and energy levels but she also knows that when she gives me something I feel a compulsion to draw it.  She also knew that it would only remain draw-worthy for a couple days.

And so, I drew it.  I decided to skip pen hatching, one of my favorite things, and rely upon watercolor for shading and once again I demonstrated how little understanding of watercolor.  I should stick with pen (grin).

8 thoughts on “A Little Piece Of Nature

  1. This is lovely, Larry. The watercolor is very nicely done. Bless your sweet wife. Maybe playing with watercolor while you are laid up would be good… all that color. 😉

    • She’s pretty wonderful, Kate. I’m finding that to press through my fatigue I’ve got to stick with what I love most, which is moving a pen on paper. A lot of the experimentation I thought I was going to do just seems so hard right now 🙁

  2. Smart wife! My mother put up a series of bluebird boxes, hoping my father would enjoy going for a hike just a little more. He was supposed to walk every day, but found it dull.

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