A Street Sketcher Selfie

Digital cameras brought about the phenomenon of the selfie.  I think it’s relevant that it required ‘free film’ and social media for this narcissistic portrayal of oneself to become so popular but that’s probably the grumpy old man in my talking.

When I was enrolled in the Sketchbook Skool’s “Seeing” semester I did at least one example of each homework assignment except one…the selfie.  I didn’t know how to do it.  I’m a street sketcher, not a studio artist.  The only time I draw at home is when I’m watching TV and that’s mostly doodling, with no specific goals in mind.

I thought about finding a reflective store window and doing one but felt that public selfie drawing was beyond anything I could endure.  So, I just passed on the assignment…until a couple days ago.  I was on a long walk, enjoying one of the last sunny, warm days we’re likely to have this year and I looked down.  The sun was creating  a negative of my image – most would call it a shadow.

So I got this bright idea to take a photo of it and then draw from my cell phone screen.  Great idea in principle, not so great in execution as the sun made the screen image barely visible.  I started this way but, ultimately, I “posed” myself a couple times, trying to capture pieces of ‘me’ from memory of those poses.  The result is definitely a ‘close enough’ image and in the end I was happy with it.  You can see my art bag (right side) and I even added my hand (sort of) holding my phone up to take the photo.  I mean, what’s a selfie without a cell phone?  Better, I think 🙂

Street sketcher's selfie

Moleskine watercolor sketchbook (3×5), Pilot Falcon, PCB ink

6 thoughts on “A Street Sketcher Selfie

  1. Larry I read this word for word. I found this to be the most entertaining thing I have read in a long time. I guess your whole idea on selfies on which I agree, to the telling of how you finally executed your sketch of your selfie, including the cell phone and all, Quite funny and what a perfect thing for a man of your witted and talent to think of. A++ teacher.

  2. I like the way your excellent fountain leans the tiniest bit. My fountains and lighthouses are not strictly perpendicular. I can credit views from boats for the lighthouses.

    • I’m assuming the fountain you’re referring to is the one I posed in September, though they’re probably all a bit wonky. I feel that if I wanted perfect shape and alignment, I’d take a photograph.

      Cheers — Larry

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