A Trip To The Hunting & Fishing Museum

Quebec’s hunting and fishing organization does a lot of wonderful work.  In addition to maintaining a large nature reserve and conducting several conservation programs, they maintain a fabulous museum filled with spectacular taxidermy specimens, all waiting for sketchers to put them to paper.

Several of us went there last week and spent several hours enjoying the place.  I started with this coyote.  He had a somewhat sleepy left eye that could have been real or the result of the taxidermy.  In any case, I think he has a beautiful face.

Stillman & Birn Beta (8×10 softcover), DeAtramentis Document Black, Platinum Prefounte pen

We stopped for lunch, taking advantage of their well-equipped eating area. It looks out on the surrounding forest, which is now deep in snow.  I confess that with coffee in hand and good company it was a bit hard to head back to sketching.

When we did I decided that I’d draw one of the many deer heads on display.  I chose this one and did a very relaxed drawing of him and his wonderful antlers.  I love drawing antlers, though visually I find them hard.  When I finished everyone was packing up to head back to town.  I’m sure, though, as the winter bears down on us, that we’ll be back.

2 thoughts on “A Trip To The Hunting & Fishing Museum

    • It couldn’t be better, well, unless they’d added dinosaur bones. Yes, the place is well-lit, though sometimes the smaller birds are a bit hard to see in their glass cabinets. Even there, though, if they’re not busy they will take specimens out for us to draw. In addition to the animals are all sorts of hunting and fishing paraphenalia, including a huge collection of antique duck/goose decoys. I want to spend more time with those. Having a warm, well-lighted place with coffee and lots of stuff to draw is a valued commodity here 🙂

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