Sketching “La Brou”

It seems that ‘back in the day’ there was a local TV show call “La Brou.”  As much I can assess, it was a low-budget show about a group of guys who met at a bar and talked.  There was swearing involved 🙂  There’s an exhibit about it at our museum but it’s not very sketch-a-genic.

But, in the museum cafe there are some support materials and it seemed like a great idea to add a cup of tea to a comfortable place to sit and sketch.  It proved to be a very enjoyable sketching session.

Strathmore 184lb Mixed Media paper, DeAtramentis Document Black, Wing Sung 3008 fountain pen

2 thoughts on “Sketching “La Brou”

  1. Hi there Larry, Broue was a very famous theatre piece – in French. It was their 40th anniversary in 2019. The curtain fell down for the last time in 2017 after 3322 presentations. The decor was set in a ‘tavern’ back in the ’70 when women were not allowed into those establishments. I would say that most of the french speaking persons have seen at least once this theatre piece and some twice (like me) and ever more. It’s ‘cult’ theatre for us. I thank you very much for this sketch. It brings back memories. Diane

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