Boots With Micron’s PN Pen

I’ve always liked Micron pens in spite of my fetish for fountain pens.  The only thing I don’t like is their short life and disposable nature.  But when I saw a couple YouTube reviews of the PN (plastic nib) version of the pen, they peaked my interest.  Those reviews both suggested that this was a “writing” pen and mostly dismissed the variable line width aspect of the pen.  To me, that variability was the reason to try one.

So far I’ve only found them available on Amazon as a set of eight colors, which, to quote Shania Twain, “don’t impress me much,” but the pen sure does.  It won’t give as much width variation as a fude fountain pen but you can more easily control fine line widths and get the width of an 02 to 05/08 width simply by changing the pressure on the tip.  The PN delivers the same bullet-proof ink that Micron pens always produce.

My example is a test drive of the pen while sitting on our deck as it rained – a recurrent condition these days.  They depict my wife’s garden boots.

I do hope these become available as singles as I’d like to get my hands on a few more.


10 thoughts on “Boots With Micron’s PN Pen

    • From the description, it sounds like it provides the line variation. Comparing the tips, though, they don’t seem to be exactly the same. The description seems a bit wishy-washy on whether the ink is waterproof. Next time you’re going to see Gabi, take one along with you and compare it to his PN (he used one in his last video).

  1. Hello Larry,

    Thank you for this review. I did not know about those pens.
    You can find those Micron PN sold by the unit at Delta Art Supplies in Edmonton.
    Too bad for me, I placed an order yesterday for regular Micron.
    First time doing business with Delta Art.
    Oh well ! I will eventually try the PN.
    They ship via Canada Posts.
    I bought some Silver Black Velvet watercolor brushes, as if I need new brushes… lol Their prices are quite competitive.
    Here is the link!

    • Thanks for the heads up on Delta Art. Unfortunately, while they use Canada Post, they insist on Express or Expedited versions of it. To get half a dozen pens ($20) I have to pay almost $20 to have them shipped. I hope my one pen lasts a while (grin). As for brushes, you always need more brushes. I like my Silver Velvet brushs, though I haven’t used them in a while. — Larry

      • Oh ! I did not know that they favored Express Post. As I recall, my order (which is backorder lolll) was accepted with regular post.
        Have a great week-end.

        • Maybe I’ll try again. All I saw was an option for businesses, ExpressPost and ExpeditedPost. Good to hear that you got regular post. There’s still hope 🙂

    • Thanks, Kate. Ever since your Republicans decided that they wanted to kill USPS, the costs of shipping to Canada have gone nuts. Buying pens (or pretty much anything) from the US has been impractical. Seems the US doesn’t want to do business with the rest of the world. It’s cheaper for me to order from the UK than from the US.

  2. I use Jackson’s Art for supplies. You can choose to see prices in Cdn dollars. They have frequent sales and ship quickly. Good customer service as well.

    • I agree, Deb. I buy more art stuff from Jackson’s than any other place. I do find it weird that they can manage to ship at a reasonable rate but that US companies, often only a couple hundred miles from me, can’t, and don’t seem to care 🙂

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