Urban Sketching For International Nature Journal Week

I grew up in Arizona.  The standing joke there is that you don’t need weathermen.  All you need is a daily announcement of “Sunny and hot.”  I didn’t discover seasons until I moved north where I had a lot of difficulty dealing with the demands of “dressing for the weather.”  More than one kind of clothes?  Who’da thunk it?

Lately, though, our Quebec weatherman has had a limited offering of “It’s about to rain,” “It’s raining,” and “The rain is going to stop for a couple hours.”  So I’ve done little sketch wandering lately.

But yesterday we got a whole morning without rain so I headed out to to do a bunch of walking on my river.  It’s also International Nature Journal Week and I thought I might do something in honor of it.  Mostly, though, I wanted to spend time in nature, sitting on a rock or walking.

It occurred to me, however, that I was an urban sketcher and thus it seemed appropriate for me to select this common urban flower as my subject.  So, I sat on a rock and drew a dandelion.

It was very relaxing and enjoyable and after completing my walk I headed home my walk culminating in an old-man run/jog/slog.  It had started raining.

4 thoughts on “Urban Sketching For International Nature Journal Week

  1. That’s quite the excellent version of a dandelion.

    Yes, Seattle has had much the same. When ever there’s a clear day, I feel obligated to go out to sketch!

    When I lived in Southern California, my mother in Michigan would ask, “how’s the weather”. My standard response was “just another lousy day in paradise”. I did miss seasons, though, so am much happier here in the PNW.

    • I had a surprising amount of fun drawing that dandelion. I’m going to draw more plants because of it. We rarely have a clear day, but now I’m scheduling my walks by the radar maps. Weird that.

      I don’t think I’d miss seasons if I moved back to Arizona. I was very happy in shorts and a t-shirt every day 🙂 Now, if I could live in Seattle…well that would be different.

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