Coffee Shop Sketching With Friends

Sometimes it’s fun to meet with friends and at this time of year it’s fairly common for me to have coffee with a friend to wish them a Merry Christmas and to chat.  But there’s something special about doing that with sketcher friends and that’s just what we did Monday.  Fernande, Claudette and I met at a large coffee shop, thinking it would give us more sketching opportunities than some of the smaller shops.

I think our plan would have been sound at other times of the year but this is the Christmas season and the shop was packed to the gills with people, decorations, stuff for sale and, well, it too crowded for relaxed sketching.  Still, we had lots of fun chatting about sketchbooks, brush pens and life in general.  And we sketched.  Fernande and Claudette were more productive than I was; they always are.  I get wrapped up in whatever sketch I’m doing and spend too much time on it, I fear.  My way of saving paper, I guess.

Here is my Christmas sketch for 2014 – I’ve never been much for drawing Christmas ornaments for some reason, but a huge poinsettia and balloons?  Yeah…that’s more my style.  Merry Christmas everyone.

Stillman & Birn Delta (6x8), Namiki Falcon, De Atramentis Document Black

Stillman & Birn Delta (6×8), Namiki Falcon, De Atramentis Document Black

6 thoughts on “Coffee Shop Sketching With Friends

    • I do a lot of quick-sketching but when given the choice between a bunch of 1-2 minute sketches and one longer sketch, I lean towards the later every time. The coffee shop was so full of people milling around that drawing anything required a bunch of ‘wait til they move out of the way’ pauses, which I filled with sips of tea. I’m looking forward to 2015 as the holidays will be behind us and things in public places will return to normal.

      You and Joe have a very Merry Christmas. Thanks to both of you for all the moderating you’re doing. It seems that you may have even tamed the urban sketchers group. Hope so 🙂

      Cheers — Larry

  1. That is a beautiful cheery sketch/painting Larry! Merry Christmas to you and your family. All the best in 2015.

    • Thanks Sheila. It’s always good to hear from you. Quebec City is trying to be like Vancouver. It’s going to RAIN on Christmas. Very weird. Hope you have a great holiday season.

      Cheers — Larry.

    • If Brits aren’t loyal to British cars, nobody would be, Alan 🙂 Cathy Johnson said she used to own one and that whenever it rained it would stall. But they sure are cute.

      Cheers — Larry

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