Sketching an MGB

A tradition in my wife’s family is a late night party on December 25th.  This is relevant to today’s post because an inevitable result of this get together is that my wife and daughter sleep in the next day – which is today.

I got up this morning, sat around reading for a while and then decided to take advantage of the situation because the continual holiday scurry has been limiting my sketching time.  The near constant rain and high winds haven’t helped much either.

I started looking through some of my photos and came across a photo I’d taken at the end of a sketching day in Berthier, Quebec.  We were leaving the park and, in the parking lot, there was a gorgeous MGB (I think) so I took a photo of it with the thought that I’d like to sketch it.  That’s what I did this morning and it sure felt good to do a more formal sketch, even if it was from a photo.  I’ve probably done a dozen smallish quick-sketches over the past few days but while snacks are great, sometimes you need a meal.

This was done in a Stillman & Birn Delta sketchbook (6×8) and, for a change, I used a Uniball Vision Fine pen rather than my more typical fountain pen.  It’s always fun to change it up once in a while.  Watercolors are Daniel Smith and, once again, I’ve told myself that I need to learn something about wielding a brush.  I’ll do that ‘real soon.’

yellow MGB

Stillman & Birn Delta (6×8), Uniball Vision Fine pen.

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