Do You Sketch The Boring Stuff?

I like to sketch boring stuff.  I guess I should be more precise and say that I like to sketch things that other people find boring, or worse, don’t even notice them at all.  Things like garbage cans, fire hydrants, telephone poles… and plain, ‘boring’ buildings.


So when I saw this view of the end of a 3-store complex, it called to me.  I set up my stool, sat down, and got out my Stillman & Birn Zeta (5×8) sketchbook.  I used a Pilot Prera loaded with Platinum Carbon Ink to do the sketch.  I was happy with the results.2013-07-26Building_site

What do you think?  Do you sketch boring stuff?


7 thoughts on “Do You Sketch The Boring Stuff?

  1. I really like your sketch very much. I also like to see and sketch the things that others may find uninteresting and including these extra details or objects makes a lot difference and it adds character IMO.

  2. I also do love sketching everything, including boring or ordinary stuff/locations.
    A drawing always has the power of transforming them into an interesting/beutifiul subject as no one had seen yet.
    Congratulations ! Your sketch is great!


    • I know what you mean. Ordinary things have a mood or shape or spatial relationship that calls out to be appreciated. It’s our duty to respond – or feels that way sometimes!

    • Yes, it’s that transformation that’s the most fun for me. When I look at the great tourist locations in Quebec City I have little interest in sketching them because there’s been a gazillion photos taken and hundreds of paintings done of them. But the little cobbler shop next door…well that’s ‘undiscovered’ 🙂

      Cheers — Larry

  3. I think no subject matter is inherently boring… It’s the sketcher’s job to make it un-boring! And you’ve done it … Your sketch makes me wonder what this building is.

    • As I suggested in my opening, Tina, ‘boring’ is in the eyes of the beholder. I do hear sketchers bemoaning the fact that they don’t live where there are exciting things to draw. I think the problem there is that they don’t have the view you’ve just stated…that anything can be interesting in a sketch.

      Cheers — Larry

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