Domestic Sketching

Urban sketching is a popular topic on the internet and in the summer I love to spend my time, on location, drawing pretty much anything.  When winter comes, however, I’m always at a loss because snow and cold prevent those activities.

So, I turn to “domestic sketching,” the act of drawing stuff that’s laying around the house.  For me it doesn’t matter what it is as it’s the process of drawing that’s important to me, not what the product is.  On this day I drew a shoe.  I spent a lot of time blocking in this drawing because I wanted the proportions to be right but the ink drawing went pretty quickly once the locations of all the major parts was determined.  Maybe I’ll draw its brother next.

Stillman & Birn Beta (8×10), DeAtramentis Document black


2 thoughts on “Domestic Sketching

  1. Nice! Shoes are challenging because nothing about them is symmetrical or at right angles. It’s been a while since I’ve sketched my shoes… I might resort to doing that this week — we’re in the middle of another “atmospheric river.”

    • Yes, that’s exactly the problem. I decided on a length, chose a point on either end of the shoe and then established the location of a bunch of points on the show by triangulation between those two points and the location being placed. It took a while but once done, drawing the outline was pretty easy.

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