Drawing In Artillery Park

“Artillery Park” is a name given to a cluster of buildings that used to be an ammunition factory but that now is a mix of a tourist spot, a park and two small museums.  It’s also going to be the site of our Fêtes de Nouvelle France this year.  But on this day, it was where Yvan and I went to sketch.  There are a bunch of nice scenes to be had there and we’ve both sketched there before, but we’ve yet to wear it out so we aimed our pointy devices at it again.


Photo by Yvan Breton


Photo by Yvan Breton

I chose to draw the backside of a small administration building that features a couple really humongous chimneys.  Why they’re so big I haven’t a clue as the building itself isn’t that large.  But I thought it made for a nice scene.  Besides, the city had set up signs for me so I’d have a protected place to sit while drawing.

I had a lot of fun with this sketch but confess that I struggled with the perspective of those big chimneys for some reason.  Just couldn’t ‘see’ them right.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (6x9), Esterbrook J2048, DeAtramentis Document Black

Stillman & Birn Alpha (6×9), Esterbrook J2048, DeAtramentis Document Black