Falling Off The Earth

I haven’t reallly fallen off the Earth, but almost.  For me, this has been a really weird year.  Certainly, all the pandemic stuff that preceded it messed with my mind more than I thought but weather and life contributed to this year being, what was the word…oh yeah…WEIRD.

I came out of the pandemic looking to spend the spring/summer/fall out sketching like I normally do, but I never really got into that groove.  Partly this was because of near constant rain from April to June.  We had an amazing flower crop, though, and I dodged the rain to draw some of them.

By the time the rain stopped we felt pressed to get the housework we’d planned to get done in the spring and so everyday was spent with construction tools or paint brushes in my hand.  We got a lot accomplished but not nearly as much as we’d planned.  Anyways, we followed this with several picnics and other “we need to just hang out” actvities.  Gals prices were too high to go anywhere so we didn’t. Should I blame Biden for our Quebec $6+/gal prices or credit him for the fact that they used to be $7.50/gal?

I resumed daily walking and during it I did a bunch of little sketches but I wasn’t too interested in scanning them and posting them.  To be honest, social media is kinda getting to me.  It’s become a steady stream of artists replacing posts of their finished products with frantic videos, sped up to a stess-inducing rate of scribbling and I just can’t watch this stuff.  That, I guess is a topic for another discussion.

And then it got to be late August and September when we got a surprise.  Just as cool/cold should have been setting in here, it got warm and beautiful.  It was so nice that Chantal and I couldn’t resist spending the day in the backyard sipping wine, reading books and enjoying the sun.  So, rather than a daily sketcher, I’ve become a daily reader…a serious daily reader – hours at a time.  Here are a few of my new friends.  Just a different way to feed the mind and now I want to draw Don Quixote and Sancho Panza (grin)


8 thoughts on “Falling Off The Earth

  1. Great words. Not only do you have the gift of hand, you have the gift of word. Love you Bro!!

  2. Glad you didn’t fall off the earth but are happily reading instead! Happy birthday! 🙂

  3. Your days sound lovely (apparently you received our much-needed summer rains?). I’ve also noticed a difference in online sketchers getting more scribbly and filming videos at a quickened pace that makes me dizzy.
    I’m reading more than sketching as well, though my current choices have been from the “golden age” of British mysteries. I love your classic book choices!

    • I’ve followed your comments about reading the Peter Whimsy books and thought it was a great idea. We all need more reading in our lives for a bunch of reasons. It’s a way to disconnect from the rat race, a way to be with yourself, and gosh…we might learn something (grin). I expect to do a bunch of it this winter.

      • Sounds like a wonderful plan! Books (especially the Classics) have been my friends my entire life.

        • Same for me, though as a guy whose past life was as a scientist, I spent several decades without reading much fiction. I’m trying to make up for that now, so I’ll have good memories when they mix me in with the dirt (grin).

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