Testing, Testing, Testing….Anyone Out There?

This post is mostly just a test of my website to see if it’s working again. January 2023, for me, has been the month of broken. Seems that everything has, in one way or the other. My body is being arthritically challenged, a recurrent problem. My winter boots died, requiring and expensive, and unsatisfying purchase along with sore feet as I break them in. Then my glasses broke, with a fuzzy couple of weeks waiting for the new ones to come. Amazon’s delivery seemed to fall apart, generating books delivered to the wrong place and another set damaged. Oh, and my snowblower broke requiring parts shopping and a very cold fix-it session.

The worst of the problems, however, was that I lost access to my website. It seemed that people could view it (sometimes?) but I lost admin access completely. What a mess that was. Just before the holidays I’d backed away from blogging as I was immersed in reading some of the larger classic lit works and so losing access probably happened at a good time, but it took a lot of time and several hours of phone calls to the US server to get it fixed. It’s now Feb 1st and I hope that with new books, new glasses, fixed snowbllower, and operational website, things can get back on track. I’ll have to live with my aging body and mind but I’m getting used to that.

I’ve included this snapshot of scribbles I’ve done in the past few days while watching TED talks and other YouTube offerings just so there’s at least one graphic here.

10 thoughts on “Testing, Testing, Testing….Anyone Out There?

  1. Glad you’ve got it back!

    I heard from several friends that January 2023 was just awful.
    Hope it gets better from here.

  2. I’d missed you and wondered what you were up to! Sounds like you’re glad to flip the calendar to February!

  3. Funny, I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were and if you’d given up the blog! Lovely to read you again this morning.

  4. Thanks everyone. Now I know that comments work here, though my direct apply app no longer works. Besides my fingers being less than cooperative and, apparently, my laptop keyboard starting to give up the ghost, I guess I”m good to go. Again, thanks for writing and watching.

    Cheers — Larry

    • Hi Owen, good to hear from you. Are you still bike-arting? I always thought that a great combination.
      For myself, my blog is quiet as is my pen. I think there’s a connection 🙂 I’ve gotten myself enthused by other things right now. Maybe I should write about that.

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