February Sketchcrawl At Maison Dorion-Coulombe

Celine, Yvan, and Rene drawing the Great Horned Owl

Celine, Yvan, and Rene drawing the Great Horned Owl

We did it!  Our numbers were small, but we were mighty.  I think a lot of people decided not to come because it was so cold (-40) and the news was warning everyone of the extreme cold.

Only six of us show up at Maison Dorion-Coulombe to draw last Sunday.  One of them was my daughter, who is home from school.  That was a special treat for me.  When we arrived, Cassandra, staff member for the Société de la rivière Saint-Charles, greeted us and let us set up stuffed animals however we liked.  For us, it was just nice to be warm.

Celine, Pierre, and Jodie

Celine, Pierre, and Jodie

Popular subjects were the Great Horned Owl and the Northern Loon but some ink was spilled documenting the river otter as well.  I did a quick drawing of Cassandra at her desk.   There was more chatter than normal between the sketchers, probably because we were so tightly clustered but that was fun.  Generally we have to wait until lunch to talk.

Celine drawing the otter

Celine drawing the otter

I’m including one sketch from each artist and displaying them smaller than I normally would.  To see them larger, click on each photo.  Sketchcrawls in winter are hard to plan because the venues are so limited but I hope you’ll come out and join us because they’re fun.


Pierre’s Loon


Yvan’s owl


Rene’s owl


Larry is a Loon

2 thoughts on “February Sketchcrawl At Maison Dorion-Coulombe

  1. Looks like fun — and comfy! When I looked at the first photo, I thought you all had gathered in someone’s livingroom.


    • When it’s -40 outside, it was VERY comfy, and your thought isn’t far from the mark. That room was probably a living room in another life and I was standing near the fireplace when I took the photo. It’s our second time there and I hope to go back. I’m a member of the St. Charles River Society and that’s their offices/information center. — Larry

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