Fetes de Nouvelle France Sketching

LtoR - Celine, Pierre, Yvan, Larry

LtoR – Celine, Pierre, Yvan, Larry

2015-08-09NouvelleFrance8Tomorrow starts a five day event called Fêtes de Nouvelle France.  This is to commemorate the founding of Quebec but also a celebration of an earlier time of 3-cornered hats and beautiful clothes.  Truth be told, the dress donned by participants varies from that of a peddler to that of a king and this provides infinite sketching subjects for those who can sketch while people are wandering around.  They do sometimes stop to pose for people taking photos and sometimes actually stop and talk to one another.  All these things help as we try to capture them on paper.

On Sunday, the last day of the event, the Croquistes de Québec will hold their August sketchcrawl event an I encourage any and all to show up to sketch with us.  It’s always a lot of fun.  If you come to the event on any other day, look for the fat guy with a sketchbook in his hand and we can sketch together.


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  1. We would love to see Quebec. Sounds fun! One of our governor’s families (Taft) used to summer there.

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