Finally…Some Outdoor Sketching

Here it is, the middle of May, and we’re still having a hard time getting outdoors in Quebec City because of cool weather and a lot of rain.  But it happened.  In fact, we had a bright, hot summer day on the 16th and our little sketching group took advantage of it.  We headed to an older part of the city where they have alleyways.

Alleyways provide sort of grungy views but views with lots of shapes that make for great sketching subjects.  I just love them.  In this scene you’ll find two large “towers.”  These are actually enclosed stairways, loosely constructed but effective in keeping the snow off the stairs.  They are very common in these neighborhoods.  I had a lot of fun doing this one.

Alley scene in Limoilu

Stillman & Birn Beta (8×10), Pilot Falcon, DeAtramentis Document Black


2 thoughts on “Finally…Some Outdoor Sketching

  1. Good sketch! I like alleys, too. And on the other side of the continent, here in Seattle area, we are finally getting spring and it’s more like summer. 80 degrees today! It feels so good to be able to plan to go out every day!

    • Glad you’re finally getting some consistent weather. I’m hoping for that soon. I have an event today but it’s currently 50F, cloudy and windy. It’s supposed to get into the 60s, though and maybe we’ll get a little sunshine…I hope.

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