Garden Sketching On A Hot Day

I’ve mentioned the heat wave that’s occurring on planet Quebec City and it still rages on.  Yvan and I thought that maybe we should sketch in my backyard, which is shady and close to a fridge full of ice cold water.  This turned out to be a good idea and we had some fun in spite of the heat.  Here’s a sketch I did of part of the perimeter of our yard.  Too many leaves.

Fabriano Artistico, Pilot Falcon, DeAtramentis diluted brown/black

3 thoughts on “Garden Sketching On A Hot Day

  1. Your leaves are beautiful, but I know what you mean. I sit down to paint garden scenes and my eyes cross trying to deal with all the edges. I’d much rather paint a barn than all those leaves. p.s. I’ve been loving all the work you’ve posted lately. Kudos for pressing on despite the pain and heat.

    • It’s funny that when we begin learning to draw there is emphasis on drawing what we see so we don’t draw memory symbols instead of reality. A bit further down the road we start developing a visual vocabulary of textures and object indicators to allow us to draw more complex scenes. I’ve always found that a bit ironic. Frustrating too because my vocabulary is very limited at this point 🙂

      The heatwave is over. It left 50 people dead in the province of Quebec. But we’re back to typical Quebec City where it’s currently 52F outside and I’m wondering if I need a jacket as I prepare to go sketching this morning. Planet Quebec City has weird weather – mostly cold. It is supposed to get into the 70s today, though, so maybe I’ll leave the jacket at home.

  2. Hello Larry, I find it very hard to draw a garden or any type of vegetation. I like what you did with your garden. Diane

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