Getting Back To Normal?

Before COVID, and before all my leg problems, my life was simple and thus, returning to it should be equally simple.  I’m finding it hard, however.

My daughter did return to Montreal last week so we’re back to being empty nesters.  Chantal is still working from home, which I hope is a prelude to her retirement.  And I’m getting so that walking is actually fun again.  So it should be easy, right?

But my head isn’t in the “old” place right now.  I used to get up, eat breakfast and head out the door to sketch.  I’ve yet to do that simple behavior once.  Instead, Chantal and I are walking… a lot.  We’re getting in 6-8 kilometers a day and when we get back from that, exhaustion is near at hand.  So, we generally fix some lunch and I watch a recorded Blue Jays game or the Olympics.  Also, there are endless home maintenance tasks that were postponed because of all the limping I was doing.

So I haven’t been doing much sketching.  I have started carrying a small sketchbook when we walk and sometimes there’s time for a quick, 5-min sketch while we sit and take a break.  It’s good practice and it’s getting me back in the mood, but it’s like eating a single potato chip – not very satisfying.  Here’s a couple that I have done recently.


1 thought on “Getting Back To Normal?

  1. Oh Larry, I hear you, loud and clear. As a happy, self-confessed “home-stayer” the pandemic, the rolling restrictions, three partial lockdowns, limited SoE, masks, washings and distancing did not disrupt my life in any significant way. So, I can’t blame them on the current state of my sketching practice, which seems to be in it’s own pandemic of sorts.

    Like you, I’ve managed a few decent sketches these past two weeks and for that I am thankful.

    I think we should encourage ourselves with Maya Angelou’s words, “This too shall pass”.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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