Going To See The Vampire Lady

I’ve mentioned the frequent relationship I’ve had with the medical profession over the past few months and one of those associations has been with the vampire lady at the hospital who insists on poking me to suck blood from my arm. She then hands me some vials in which to pee, a situation wrought with performance anxiety.

And so it was on Monday morning.  I had an appointment but that typically means that I end up sitting in a waiting room for 20 minutes or so before being called.  This is called sketching time.  I sat down to wait, got out my Emilio Braga (4×6) notebook and started scribbling poor facsimiles of the people doing the same thing I was… waiting.

But just as I was getting into it they called my name.  My response to this is something only a sketcher can know.  Most would be thrilled that they didn’t have to wait and I was too, sort of.  But a part of me was also saying “Hey, I’m sketching here” and I had to abandon my sketching almost before I started.  This was all I could accomplished so I wrote some words to fill up the holes (grin).

2 thoughts on “Going To See The Vampire Lady

  1. Hello Larry, Time does fly by quickly when sketching. Even though, more than once, I planned on sketching in a waiting room, I never get to do it… too shy to stare at people and be noticed… 🙁 Maybe I should draw ‘backs’ only.. lol

    • That’s true, Diane, but this time I only had five minutes to go by fast 🙂 You’re right about waiting rooms and sketching. Everyone’s bored and seated close together. The woman on my left was looking over my shoulder the entire time. As for ‘backs’ I prefer them. The human shape, particularly with the variability of clothes, is more interesting than the face.

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