Is It Spring Or Is It Summer?

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US and all day I heard the US press saying that this day, unofficially, marks the beginning of summer.  Here in Quebec City we had a frost advisory and the trees are just now deciding that they might as well put out their leaves.  It’s sunny today and feels very much like spring.  So, is it summer or spring?  Weather this year has been hard to take for many parts of North America.  I’m hoping we have a really long summer, or is it still spring?

In any case, the squirrels are out and about and I even saw a bumble bee this morning.  In honor of this change of weather, I drew a squirrel with a smile on his face. Like me, he’s happy that things are warming up.

Stillman & Birn Alpha (4×6), DeAtramentis Document Brn/blk

2 thoughts on “Is It Spring Or Is It Summer?

  1. I love this squirrel! 🙂 And happy to hear you’re finally getting some spring-mer. In the Pacific NW, we got winter, spring and summer during the 3-day weekend! 😉

    • Glad you like my happy squirrel. I seem to know as much about Seattle weather as I do my own, simply because I follow you and Kate 🙂

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