Karen Casper – Part 4

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We’d agreed to meet at a park near Karen’s hotel.  There’s a large statue of Joan of Arc that she wanted to sketch.  Sadly, this was Karen’s last day here and only the morning at that, but with smiles on our faces, we embraced the morning.

Smiles broadened as our mystery sketcher, who turned out to be Alex Gouelky, from Winter Park, Florida arrived.  He’s only been sketching for a year but he gets to do it with Thomas Throspecken in a place with no snow so I consider him a lucky guy.  We talked a bit about sketching swapped sketchbooks and then sat down to sketch.

Both Karen and Alex drew Joan.  I’d drawn her a couple times and decided this would be an opportunity to draw Karen instead.  Because it was a simple drawing, I had time to do a small sketch of one of the lamp posts that surround the garden.  Have I mentioned lately how much I love to draw lamp posts (grin)?

Karen lamented the loss of Joan's sword to her "zooming" but her color more than made up for it. I think Joan would be happy.

Karen lamented the loss of Joan’s sword to her “zooming” but her color more than made up for it. I think Joan would be happy.

It’s always fun to draw someone who is sketching because you know they’re not going anywhere for a while.  Karen was typical in that regard.


Stillman & Birn Alpha (3x5), Esterbrook J9550

Stillman & Birn Alpha (3×5), Esterbrook J9550

I hated to see Karen go.  She was heading towards Tadoussac to do some whale-watching and camping.  I was heading home where I had put off replacing a set of stairs.  I was certain that she would be having more fun.  Thanks, Karen, for such a inspiring few days.  And thanks to USK for letting her find me.

2 thoughts on “Karen Casper – Part 4

  1. I’ve enjoyed this series, Larry. I think the single most valuable part about USK is its huge network that anyone can tap to meet up with other sketchers anywhere in the world. It’s great that you got to benefit from it.


    • Glad you liked the posts. I think it’s special to be able to compare two artist’s approaches to the same subject. Also glad that you think meeting up with sketchers is the most important thing about urban sketchers cuz I said essentially that in the first of these posts (grin). I hope others coming to Quebec for a visit will take advantage of USK’s member lists and contact me. We always have fun when they do. — Larry

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